Is Your Lawyer Serving You Rightly? Read This To Know!


The journey with your lawyer may not always be a smooth one. Problems and issues are common in any relationship, and so is the case with your lawyer. Lack of communication, incompetence, ethical issues, fees issues, etc. are the most common reasons for disparity with your lawyer. If you think you are charged a very high fee by your lawyer, click here for help!
This article aims to provide you an insight on what to expect from a lawyer.

A good lawyer communicates properly with his/her client
A good lawyer is one who communicates rightly with clients. From some of the stories reported in, it is evident that lack of communication is often misinterpreted as incompetence by the clients. A lawyer might be doing a good job, but by improper communication, he fails to provide the clients with the much-needed assurance.

Your lawyer should explain to you about the legal matters, what issues you may face, how he is planning to handle the issues, etc. Your lawyer should be readily available your doubts regarding the legal issues. He should be responsive to your phone calls also. But most often, the busy schedule of lawyers prevents them from having a proper communication with their clients and this often leads to unsatisfied clients.

Every lawyer may not be well competent
When you hire a lawyer, you have no guarantee that he would be competent. Every lawyer starts practicing after clearing a bar exam, but it might not be a criterion to judge his competency. If you happen to face a money loss due to a mistake made by your lawyer, then you have the option to sue him. Such lawsuits may cost you more money and are not very easy to win. So, you much be very careful while hiring a lawyer. Try to research about his past career so that you get to know about his competency.

A lawyer is bound by specific ethical laws
You should be aware that there are certain ethical laws in each state which must be followed strictly by each lawyer. As per these laws, a lawyer is bound to be loyal to his client, and he should give first and foremost priority to the interests of the client. He should honestly keep the confidential matters of his client. He should try to represent his clients with maximum competency and should always abide by the law. There is a disciplinary agency in each state to ensure that these rules are followed by lawyers.

Failing to have a written agreement may lead to disputes related to fees
Lawyer’s fee is a common reason for disagreement between a lawyer and his clients. Very high bill amount as opposed to what is agreed by the lawyer, a bill which is not itemized, a huge bill irrespective of losing a lawsuit, etc. are some of the common complaints of the clients in connection with their lawyer’s fees. Most of these issues can be avoided by having a clear and well-defined agreement prior to entrusting him with your legal concerns. Have the agreement in written form so that there is no chance of disputes later. Specify all the clauses such as the frequency of billing, providing an itemized bill, etc. very clearly in the agreement.

It is not just the lawyer who has obligations towards you. You, as the client, should also cooperate with your lawyer so that the relation stays healthy.

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